Aug 20, 2009

Hot Model

Hot model who has a body. And a belly. And is gorgeous. Good work Glamour!

Again, I've got nothing...

I've got nothing

From Engrish Funny

What are you getting? I'm having a hard time ordering... Hmm... Jork? Maybe. What about Prawns to the Pill Pill? Oh, you've had better, nevermind. OH.MY.GOD. they have You Inhabit Child's Overall With Ham??!?!? That's my FAVORITE. (Do you think it's on Weight Watchers? Probably not, the ham is really fatty.... Buuut, it is child's overalls, not full size overalls. Oh, it's Osh Kosh B'Gosh overalls? Sold!) Well, I know what I'm getting. And a Diet Coke.

Aug 19, 2009

Total Eclipse of the Heart Flowchart

Very helpful. Thanks Huffington Post!


The best protest signs from the town hall meetings.

Probably Bad News

This is what happens when you let the intern junior copy editor take charge for the day.
Probably Bad News... a whole website of incompatible (or perhaps well matched) news stories.


Look kids, a do it yourself circumcision kit!
For more info, there is a downloadable video. I can only imagine it is in a similar genre to Saw VI.

LOL Cats of the most disturbing variety...

From Awkward Family Photos

Mugly rules!

Poor Mugly. He was attacked by stupid teenagers the other day who kicked him and hit him. Horrible. And they tore out HIS ONLY CLUMP OF HAIR. Despicable.
I love Mugly.

Two opposing opinions on healthcare reform

Barney Frank does not like Hitler:
Some lady does like Hitler:
The end.

Aug 18, 2009

It's time for a cat massage!

Fuck you, you fuckity fuck-fuck!

I found this when I was fucking bored:
And then I decided to read the fucking article. And then there were the comments. Semantics dorks in all intellectual sincerity using the word fuck as much as possible. Fucking genius!
Here's some more info on swearing-- apparently it's good for you!
On a similar note, I vote to bring back the use of the word "dickweed" in everyday slang. Who's with me here?

I just want to hug them once. Just once. That's all I'm asking. Maybe have Michelle let me put my head on her shoulder for a bit. Air kisses?

Have I told you about my friend Sasha? She is awesome. She has cute clothes and a great smile and so far I love her parents.
Do you think the Obamas would consider putting her up for an open adoption? I would be happy to let them have supervised, long-term visits that include me going on vacation with them...

Moment of Zen

Old School LOLcats

Some dude born in the 1800s was a fan of creepy/funny cat photos. Check out his bio and his work here. I can't promise LOLs, but I can promise cats.

Aug 16, 2009

I am not kidding.

I have never, ever laughed this much in my entire life. Start on the last page to truly appreciate the beauty. Gary's control of the English language here is stunning, his creativity truly unparalled and his passion is certainly something to be admired. Please do give Gary the time he truly deserves, you bipolar, fockin conts.

Lucky duck!

This little ducky got a Jesus sandal for his birthday.

Aug 12, 2009

I should send in some pics...

Photo Cliches has certainly caught on to something. I like any site that is sorted by category (note: mine is not. guess my feelings on that.)
For instance, here are some well documented cliches:

Songs From High School

As the name implies, this is wicked awesome.

It's been a while

I realize that. I will do my best to post things as I find them. But no longer sitting at a desk all day, where the only exercise I get is a few accidental kegel crunches, is crushing my blogging abilities. Also, I appear to have separated myself from the internet for a bit. Only because I have Minesweeper on my iphone and I am addicted.
Anyway, I'm back for a bit, and then I am not promising much from law school. But check back now and again and hopefully I will have some gems to share. Now don't cry little one, it will be alright, I promise...