Sep 11, 2009


(I think this joke might be way funnier in my head... get it? "a dingo ate my baby!!" Joe Wilson is stupid. Dingoes look pretty dumb. How could you not have understood this joke? What the fuck is wrong with you people?)

Tissues. Now.
Things I have learned:
a. There are Mennonite groups in Bolivia (wtf?!)
b. Over 300 women (of the 2,000 members. total.) have been systematically raped
c. By other Mennonites.
d. Who only got caught because they arrived late to work in the fields and the elders got pissed.
It is interesting to contrast this pacifist, and generally peaceful (I assume), group whose targeted rapes are just now coming to light, with the documented "war-strategy" rapes in the Congo or Rwanda or Yugoslavia. For some (probably ignorant and elitist/racist/classist/etc.) reason the quiet nature of this community contrasting with the violence and violation of rape make this so much more shocking. It should not be. But it is.

Sep 4, 2009

And in even more related news...

Not sure if I've posted this yet, but Horrible Tattoos is pretty amazing.
Here, my friends, is the elusive Modesty Chair on permanent display.

Trainwreck Alert!!

It's Lovely! I'll Take It!
I cannot stop looking at this site. A whole (huge) blog dedicated to horrible, gross, pitiful, and just weird REAL real estate listings. The photos are often rather shocking. And for some reason the author is obsessed with white stackable plastic lawn chairs. Just keep an eye out for them.
The modesty chair (and its immodest counterparts) is like the Where's Waldo for the real estate community. Like trying to explain the concept of Slaughterhouse Five, it only makes sense if you read it...

Shirt or Dress?

Or hooker?

And in related news


You Suck At Craigslist

Keep that in mind.
My favorite,,hannah

I'm baaack

I'm procrastinating. And tired. And therefore I have spent hours on the interwebs finding all kinds of goodies. Enjoy, fuckers!