Mar 14, 2010

The Daily Beast

To counteract the past few posts, I present the Daily Beast's Women in the World Summit coverage. There are some amazing videos on there. And they cover some great topics. And I appreciate that they had a man participating as well. I think that so often there are men who use their power for such productive, powerful things and they get overshadowed by (drumroll please...) the giant, more forceful men who can literally and metaphorically elbow the world and the women and the gentler men/people out of their way to get their priorities taken care of, often knocking those behind them completely down or at least setting them back a few years/decades/centuries. And that is not to completely ignore the women who do similar things (SARAH PALIN I SEE YOU FROM RUSSIA)...

Anyway, point is that there are some amazingly heart wrenching, useful, inspirational, funny, uplifting, terrifying things on this page and it is worth checking out.

The end.

Just kidding, I have more to say... I learned about this on Jezebel (surprise!) and the post itself and the reader comments about female genital cutting (FGC) were enlightening to me. The video is hard to watch, but worth it.

Ugh. I am a lucky lady. That much I know.

The end. For reals.

Name that offender


I love that within the last few posts the lazer tits look like they sunk the Russia ship.

That was unintentional. And also the best thing (besides pizza) that has happened all day.

Tits! Tits! Booooobs!

Let's get right down to it: these are offensive.

Also hysterical.

OMG, watch out for the Lazer Tits!

Mar 13, 2010

Let's Check in With Russia

Here are some frozen ships.

And here is some crazy-ass 1500 year old fortress in Siberia.

Educate yourselves, comrades!

Way less gay than it sounds


I Made You a Beard

I Am Hungry

Profession as Determined by Beard Length

Birthday Dog Goes to Washington

Pew! Pew! Pew!


Law School

So it is breaking into spring here and it appears to make me happy and chipper (and utterly hyperactive and chatty). That said approximately a week ago I was a permacrankybitch and refused to talk to anyone except my dog. Now I am here talking to all three of you who read this (and also my dog, who cannot read this).

In spring you are supposed to do a spring cleaning. I do not clean. (Except to dust, I LOVE Swiffer dusters. And I also like to vacuum now, mostly because if I am lucky my dog gets so fucking scared that he literally shits himself. That is only fun until I realize I need to clean it up. So I take that statement back.) Instead I am cleaning out my gigantic list of bookmarks and foisting them on you. Good times. I have lots to share. And little wit. So this may be an underwhelming day for you all.

However there is quite a quantity of links so if you are feeling overwhelmed, may I suggest taking a Cinnamon Toast Crunch break? That always seems to work for me.

Enjoy, fuckers.

This is awesome.

Let's Play!

This weekend's edition of Cute, Cuter, Cutest! YAAAAAAY!




This made me laugh


My upstairs neighbor got a girlfriend. She is always there. And she laughs really loudly. And I cannot tell exactly (thank god) but i'm pretty sure when they have sex he howls. I imagine their sex life looks a lot like this:

You big slut! Good for you!

Make that 91

91) Whoreface crankyass bitches

The Roadshow

Fucking unintentionally rich people. Why are you not me?

Nerdy Kids For the Win