Feb 19, 2010

In sticking with the animal theme...

Hipster puppies!

falcor begrudgingly explained to his mom that wearing girl’s jeans doesn’t make him gay

Freaky, Mean, Scariest!

Not a good game at all.

Cute, Cuter, Cutest!

New game. Ready, set, go!







Ugh (part deux)

So I was totally right about yesterday, and today is already crappier. I fell walking the dog. I did not get nearly enough sleep. I hate the world. I ran out of eggos. I am so behind in my work. And I am one cranky bitch.

I'm bringing out the big guns.

As Emily said in her comment:

Hannah, don't forget ricky gervais and elmo. it's my pick me up. 

Emily, you are absolutely right. Thank you for reminding me. Cross your fingers that this works...

Feb 18, 2010

DJ Jazzy Dawson

Michelle Trachtenberg and Dawson rapping it up in the Holland Tunnel.


I feel like today is going to be a bad day. I can just tell.

One time Liz sent us this little gem and it has forever been my bad day solution. I will now share it with you. Use it wisely.

P.S. My previous bad day pick me up: http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/llama  llama, llama, duck.

The Rosa Parks of Unread Blogs!

Guys, here is an awesome blog. It is called The Rosa Parks of Rosa Parks Blogs and it chronicles the overuse of assholes being compared to the Civil Rights icon.  If I were a bus driver I would totally let it sit at the front of the blog-bus.  My blog on the other hand, not so much...

Feb 16, 2010

My pony's for sale. Yes, it fucking works! I wanna get a stripey zebra instead.

This is Sleep Talkin' Man. He is British and talks in his sleep. A lot.


I recommend the sound bytes about halfway down on the left. If only my waking life were this entertaining...

People Of Walmart

Sex appeal and awesomeness all in one stylish, functional, and affordable location.


This ought to keep you entertained

It certainly helped prevent me from finishing more than one night's worth of reading.

If you click on the little camera icon at the top you can see an aerial view from 1924, 2006 or 2008. Kind of fascinating to see the changes. Definitely zoom in though.  And, as a reminder, South Brooklyn looks strikingly the same, as it was and continues to be mostly brownstones.

Anyway, an excellent use of your tax dollars at work, NYC!


Please don't ever let me become this woman.


Six Degrees of Separation

When searching for Viagra stuff I came across this page: http://listicles.thelmagazine.com/2008/12/50-scientific-discoveries-from-2008/.  I believe it was the Bob Dole picture that got me there. And I thought it was interesting. It is old. But still relevant in that I was just asking myself the other day how my T-Rex's sinuses were doing.  I asked this because I figure if I am going to date a T-Rex I ought to know how he's doing.  And given his anger upon being asked that question I deduced that the answer was probably not all that good. And thanks to searching for Viagra I found out I was correct...
[FYI: Viagra searches were not for personal, but for blog use. See vagina allergies post for more information. Thank you.]

Feb 15, 2010

Going to Hell

This is a horrible thing for me to do, but this made me laugh so hard (only after reading about how crazy this broad really is).

Also because I'm pretty sure if I ever tried anything outright naughty like that I would probably end up in the same situation. And comparing myself to Tila Tequila makes me laugh even more...

Analyze This

I appreciate that thanks to Google Analytics I know that I received 14 page views this weekend. 5 of which were from Google searches (which will not happen again because I changed that setting because it scares me) and 4 of which are from CA, 2 from NY, 1 from VA, and 1 from a partridge in a pear tree. I appreciate that I play on this blog simply for the benefit of approximately 7 different people. Sort of pitiful, but sort of awesome. Because it's like a special-ed internet class where you each get more attention than an average blog reader and sometimes someone throws a chair around. Good times.

In case you are hungry

Here is the Cheezburger directory. Like a phonebook in case you need to call sassy cats or some dumbasses.

Feb 14, 2010

Gaga Time, Kiddies!

Poker Face is stuck in my head. Bad Romance was hanging out there last night. Time to reflect on Lady Gaga.

An oldie but goodie:

My favorite interview ever:

The most awkward interview ever (2 minutes, 5 seconds. Barbara, yikes.):

And speaking of homos...

Let's discuss vagina allergies.

This week a young star came forward and with the grace of a grizzly bear stumbled into the spotlight yet again by becoming the spokesperson for vagina allergies.  Up until now we have dealt with douches, labia dyes, bedazzled cooters,Viagra, Cialis, and so many other sexual organ disorders, but no one has ever been brave enough to publicise (he's British) their allergy to ladyparts.  What a brave, brave young man.

Let's all give him a slow clap.

And now it's time for a "special nap" while I look at these holy-shit-hot-but-sort-of-creepy GQ pictures.

Bringing a little much-needed flamboyance to ice dancing.

Guys. Have you seen this? It is amazing. Gay. Sparkly. Gaga. Skating.

Jeez. Maybe I should actually pay attention to the Olympics this year...

Thanks Gawker for proving why I should embrace Super Geh's flamboyance.



Remember way back when anything tasted good with ketchup on it? Way back when Reagan was seriously pro-ketchup?  And barbeque sauce didn't taste like heaven? Well, I do. And so does this person:
job fails

And so does Heinz ketchup. (Is there any other kind of ketchup?! Do not even say Hunt's. Hunt's is more like liquid fake tomato, and that shit is just nasty. This is what happens when you buy non-Heinz ketchup: NOT GOOD THINGS.)

Here, this is the Big News in Ketchup! Yay!!!!! (It's so exciting, isn't it?)


This is how this big news makes me feel:

The end.

Feb 13, 2010

Who knew?

Guys, this site is addicting. Sorry I keep posting from it, but I had to share.

Here's another good one.


My only appropriate use of that word ever.


Of the real variety.

The 100 Single Best Things on YouTube Ever.


Make that 101:

Single best thing on YouTube ever.

Dear John Mayer,

That is all.


Michigan Peoples

This is the MichLaw admissions lady and she is tiny and awesome.

This is her blog. It screams of self control on her part, but is still funny. Mostly you probably have to know the place, but maybe not. http://www.law.umich.edu/connection/a2z/default.aspx

How [Delicious] Life is Now Gaga's in the World

Elton, I will eat your face.


The Harrington Hang

Break out the Obamas!

Folks, it's time to get out the Obamas, cuz this shit is craaazy.


Dear Friends,

I am bored as hell, hating law school as predicted, and have piled up the links like the crazy person that I am. My dog is currently rolling in his pile of toys. (In case you were wondering.) And I suggest we do the same with our proverbial pile of links except rolling in them will be difficult, so let's just look at them or something. If you feel the need to roll in them go ahead and try it. Let me know how it goes.

Love, Hannah

P.S. I took a lot of Benadryl last night. This was a bad idea. Maybe a good thing for you all. Depending on how loopy you like your blog posts. It's going to be a fantastic day!

Though not as good as this lady's: