Jul 21, 2009

What would we do without her?

Sarah Palin, you are a lovely, lovely lady. Your huntin' and fishin' skills rival no other political character's. Your folksy speech makes me want to hug you and place you in a rocking chair and rock you into outer space. Your love of nature begs me to drop you on an iceberg and see how you adapt. Thanks for everything! P.S. Sarah, Russia is calling, and it is asking you to get curtains so it does not have to see you and your frisky husband making more stupid named babies. P.P.S. Also, hire a better speech writer. Thanks! http://www.vanityfair.com/politics/features/2009/07/palin-speech-edit-200907?currentPage=1 That link is mostly just a visual masterpiece. As is this:

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