Feb 22, 2011

Right now I am sitting in gay class

Literally, gay class (Sexuality and the Law).  I'm fucking hungry.  We are about to talk about the Westboro Baptist Church.  I love them.  There are always crazies in the world and these nutjobs take the cake.

I do have some reservations about my enthusiasm.  I worry about the attractiveness of their children. How will they continue to exist if they are so fucking ugly? I guess ugly people get laid too.  But that just seems silly.  Maybe they should start recruiting only hot chicks.  I mean there are even hot mormons-- amiright?

Moving on.

There's some big drama with the Westboro gang right now. The creeps at 4-Chan (whatever the fuck that is) have taken some time off from sending around child porn and have sent pedobear on a meme vacation and are now focusing their hatred and hacking skills on the crazy church.  This makes me sad because this is now what crazy town looks like.  I miss you crazy kids!

Some people don't like the WBC (if they were a tv station I am certain they would show Gossip Girl the entire time).  And they like to actively protest against them.  I find their humor crude and offensive.

I mean, seriously, dressing up as clowns?  That's low.

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