Mar 13, 2010

Law School

So it is breaking into spring here and it appears to make me happy and chipper (and utterly hyperactive and chatty). That said approximately a week ago I was a permacrankybitch and refused to talk to anyone except my dog. Now I am here talking to all three of you who read this (and also my dog, who cannot read this).

In spring you are supposed to do a spring cleaning. I do not clean. (Except to dust, I LOVE Swiffer dusters. And I also like to vacuum now, mostly because if I am lucky my dog gets so fucking scared that he literally shits himself. That is only fun until I realize I need to clean it up. So I take that statement back.) Instead I am cleaning out my gigantic list of bookmarks and foisting them on you. Good times. I have lots to share. And little wit. So this may be an underwhelming day for you all.

However there is quite a quantity of links so if you are feeling overwhelmed, may I suggest taking a Cinnamon Toast Crunch break? That always seems to work for me.

Enjoy, fuckers.

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