Dec 8, 2011

Woobly Bada Zoop Naw Moom Woobly Bloo

Let us discuss the Huxtables.  I see no reason not to.  In fact I can list approximately 12 reasons to do such a thing.  Shall I begin?

1. The Cosby Show was the biggest hit of the 1980s.
2.  Heather Coleman had a cameo on it.
3.  There were fat kids riding on Cliff's knees.  In sweatsuits.
4. This was one of the first shows to feature an affluent, over-educated African American family just being a happy little family.
5. Stevie Wonder had a cameo and they sang about giraffes because Rudy wanted to.
6. Remember the episode where Theo wanted to move out of the house and the whole family decided to teach him a lesson by mimicking the "real world"? That was my favorite episode as a kid.
7.  Also the one where Olivia (they needed a new cute character to cause mischief and mayhem) tricks Cliff into believing she knows all the answers to the game show.  He does not like it when that happens.
8.  My mom and I used to watch this shit every week.  I liked that part.
9. I always wanted someone to give me a complete tour of the house because I was always confused how to get to the dining room.
10.  Heathcliff is an awesome name that should probably be brought back into style.
11.  My grandpa is awesome, but cranky Grandpa Huxtable is frigging amazing.
12.  Track suits, and silk pajamas, and sweaters, oh my!

The fashion was impeccable.  And memorable.  As evidenced by these two new blogs of 2011.
Exhibit A:  The Cosby Sweater Project.
Exhibit B:  Clair Huxtable: Mom Style Icon
There is no need for description, their perfectly utilitarian names work just fine.

I can go on, and on and on.  But I won't.  Because I am sort of bored.

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