Jun 25, 2009

The single most amazing thing on the internet.

I refuse to give a synopsis because I believe that in order to see the LIGHT you must read this in full. Feel free to highlight your favorite parts in the comments... But, if you need an abridged version, feel free to check out the Gawker post. *Update: Here is our good friend's business website. For someone who can be so clear and direct about what he wants in a lady he sure as hell won't tell me much about his "AngelBase" system. It's almost like he is teasing me, trying to make my "sacred donation" of $540 so much more meaningful. This kind of suspense must be what he was referencing in his goddess ad when he said this: He teases her hard and relentlessly, which makes her laugh uncontrollably. The sound of his voice, his words, his appearance, the way he looks at her, his powerful mind, his radiant heart, his intense sexuality, his confidence, his poise, and his very presence.... weaken her knees, fill her stomach with butterflies, send shivers up her spine, make her heart pound, overwhelm her with desire, and make her VERY wet. She cannot help but surrender herself to him, melting naked into his arms, whereupon he worships her as a Goddess.... he is the priest, she is his altar. She becomes the Goddess he is worshipping... Maybe I should stop reading this at work...

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