May 28, 2009


I have two screens on my computer at work and for some reason that makes me feel all 1980s powerful and when I am bored and feeling shitty sometimes I like to pretend that I am the kid from Flight of the Navigator (FOTN) and that I am running my spaceship/cubicle through the garage door at the secret government agency that is holding me and my menagerie of aliens hostage. That was one kooky movie. How come there aren't FOTN characters running around the Disney theme parks? Why discriminate against aliens? WHY IS THERE NOT A FOTN RIDE AT DISNEY?!!?! Or a themed restaurant that has the little computer dude swing down and take your order? Why, Disney, WHY? Anyway, this is what this post was supposed to be about: Also, the new script is being written by Brad Copeland, a writer for Arrested Development. This is either horribly bad news (if there aren't any illusions, then the shit is going to hit the fan, Brad) or it is totally awesome. Unclear which. I guess I will just have to wait and find out... This remake better be good or else my spaceship/cubicle is coming to get you, Disney!

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