May 15, 2009

The International Appeal of Crumpets

This showed up in my e-mail a few weeks ago. I have been trying to make sense of it ever since. Even the most stringent Anne of Green Gables devotees are baffled -- one even remarked that "this is going to be the most ironically awesome Kenyan school EVER."
And digging deeper into the official website just makes matters worse. Will this new school teach the students how to host an Anne-themed Summer Party? Or better yet, how to prepare "dainty sandwiches" for High Tea?
And, if so, where do I enroll?


  1. I want tea. Bring on the cucumber sammies.

  2. i love that dmb is like "this showed up in my email" as opposed to "i am a member of the anneofgreengables listserv on which, every week, we discuss important critical moments in the series"