May 28, 2009


Apparently there are big ol' denials that the Abu Ghraib photos include acts of rape. (Or perhaps, if you are so inclined, "rape.") That's all fine and dandy. Everyone has an opinion on the whole thing, and we are probably guaranteed to never know the truth, and all is still well in the world... Megan, on Jezebel, had an interesting post in reaction to crazy lady Susannah Breslin's take on the whole situation. In her post, Breslin says such totally harmless things as a) these pictures will probably give hard-ons to the whole country because there is genitalia involved (happy early birthday, America!), b) they are pornographic (see Megan's response to that-- it is amazing), and c) (though not in so many words) because these are pictures of rape-in-quotation-marks, then those pics that depict non-penis rape are probably not rape at all! This is an excellent theory, Susannah! And I would just like to end by saying, congrats survivors of non-phallus rape, you were never even raped! And I bet you didn't even know that!

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