May 4, 2009

Dear Friends,

I have requested a little help with this blog lately. I may or may not have found myself a bit of a life outside of work which has managed to hinder my blogging and ranting and raving abilities. Sad for you, pretty much an amazing improvement for me-- shocking how much leaving work at a normal time can change your life! Anyway, I am enlisting people to help me post to this blog so all five of you readers out there will not be totally bored and my mission in life will continue to be fulfilled. If you are interested in participating, email me. You can be as rude as you like. Just entertain me. That is the only rule. Anyway, like Dr. Spock suggests in his famous child rearing tome, I just wanted to give you a little advanced warning that things might be changing a bit around here and I need to let you know that even though you are nervous, we will not be tolerating any regressive or aggressive behaviors. Please keep that in mind. Love, Hannah

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