Apr 30, 2009


I've got nothing. http://jezebel.com/5234548/one-year-later-rape-kits-still-not-being-tested-in-la-elsewhere The whole thing makes me sad, feels bleak. A woman (or man) has to endure the humiliating collection process only to have it thrown aside... Why bother letting someone comb your pubic hair, clean under your nails, photograph details of your body, swab your vagina, diagram your genital lacerations in detail, and watch you as you undress over a giant piece of paper that will eventually be folded neatly and shoved into a sealed box which will quickly get thrown aside as proof that your bravery and endurance were just as invaluable as your body? Why bother at all? NY apparently went into action four years ago (three years before the stockpiling of unprocessed rape kits was found in LA last year,many held beyond the statute of limitations) and has managed to solve 2,000 rape cases since then, which took money, workers and time, but was surely worth it for the women who had some resolution. It makes me sort of proud of our stupid city... sort of.

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