Apr 4, 2009


In taking a glance at past posts I realize that I have been using an extraordinary amount of exclamation points in my titles lately. For that I sort of apologize. I realize some people have an aversion to this over excited pock in the relatively bland world of punctuation, but I, myself, have grown to love and accept the silly little thing. Way back when I was a depressed and angsty teenager I would NEVER have been caught dead using an exclamation point, unless out of anger (so, let's be honest, I probably used a lot of them...). Now, as a pretty happy, mostly goofy adult I appear to have decided to let them tag along like my newly adopted sister or something. Mostly I think they are fun and make things much more expressive and I guess that's probably why they were invented to begin with. Very smart, Dead People, very smart! The end!

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