Mar 24, 2009


OK. So some lady stole some other lady's identity so that she could get a new rack. They tracked her down because of her breast implant serial number. (HELLO?! Clearly she doesn't watch SVU...) (BREAKING NEWS: MY SECRETARY USED THE BATHROOM ON THE 40TH FLOOR INSTEAD OF THE 41ST FLOOR. I know this because she just spoke about it with the other secretaries in a whisper resembling a sea lion bark.) Anyway, back to the tatas. This post was interesting and turned out to be an essay about how much this woman hates her all natural DD breasts, and it reminded me why I love reading Jezebel. My only complaint: Sometimes I cry when I go into the bra store too, but I got a little angry at this chick for getting all upset about the DDs-- suck it up, bitchface, I've been there for years (and also completely unable to admit it)-- but I get what she is saying, trust me. And I am starting my post-children boob lift fund right.about.NOW. Go! The whole reason for this post is that I thought this one comment was quote worthy, and might actually become a staple in my gmail status quotes. When someone asked in the comments why guys actually like boobs, and someone else said that her teenage boyfriend had said something creepy about it once, this was the reply: I have found that young guys soliloquize on things like tacos, not breasts. They can get semi-incoherent when it comes to women's bodies, but tacos, well, such is the food of great poetry! I heart tacos. And, let's be honest, boobs are pretty entertaining too...


  1. It's not the tacos. I LOVE the tacos. The wife just really wants the mail.

    goodbye mailbox.

  2. "The Jew, the Italian and the red-head Gay all live together on Avenue A!" has been stuck in my head since seeing Role Models which featured the red head gay rather prominently.

  3. He's a funny dude. When I saw The State, he told a story about how he wanted to be in their improv group so he went to their party and got naked. They almost made him do it again.