Mar 25, 2009

You know who I love?

Emily Sara Jenny Golriz Jessica and that's about it, since I'm pretty sure you are the only people awesome (and stupid) enough to read this dumb blog. And if there are others of you out there feel free to make yourself known and if you would prefer that I stop talking about bra shopping you just let me know. Let's be honest I will probably completely ignore you, but feel free to let me know anyway. In the meantime I wrote a song: Have I blogged lately that I love you? Have I blogged that there is no one else above you? You fill my blog with gladness, take away all my blog's sadness. You ease its troubles that's what you do (except when you complain because I am not posting enough because you are ruuuuude).


  1. I think I teared up. Especially at the last line.

  2. Come here and sing this for me please.