Mar 22, 2009

horribly immature...

Last night I went to the Brinski house and we ate gumbo and red velvet cupcakes and watched Role Models. And I laughed so hard it was ridiculous. There are about six hundred and fifty five members of The State in the movie as well, which always makes my day. Also, I learned a little something about myself and realized that perhaps I would like to join a role-playing fighting league. I would like to murder elfin-like people with my foam sword and slice their arms off with my duct tape dagger. It looks like a good form of stress release. Suck it, Reindeer Games! I am back to being obsessed with Paul Rudd. Ever since Clueless I've been some sort of drooly tween fan and that is apparently in full effect. For instance, he can do obscenely unfunny (ok, actually pretty funny) things like this and I would STILL buy his sweaty towel to flavor my tofu, if you get my drift.

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